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Run your own Bitcoin wallet service.

Coinpunk is a project to build an open source, self-hosted DIY bitcoin wallet service you can run on your own server. If you are new to bitcoin trading you can trade bitcoin here using the automation technology.

Safe, Secure

All encryption and transaction signing is done on the web browser, which means it is less susceptible to Bitcoin theft by hackers.

Easy to Use

Simplifies using Bitcoins, so that you don't have to be an expert to use Bitcoins.

100% HTML5 and JS

The user interface is entirely written in HTML with JavaScript, which means that you can run it on all modern browsers, or containerize it into an offline application. The backend is built with Node.js, which makes it very easy to get started.

Extensive Testing

Coinpunk tests with client-side, integration and functional tests, to help prevent bugs and streamline development.

Bitcoin Node Agnostic

The code is written to provide future support for more Bitcoin node clients, including upcoming SPV-based wallets that require less resources to work.


Allows you to see the value of your Bitcoins in multiple currencies, and future support for multiple languages is being planned.

Mobile Friendly

Uses a responsive web design, so you can use Coinpunk on a phone just as easily as on a desktop.

Open Source

Like Bitcoin itself, Coinpunk is 100% open source. You can do whatever you want with it.

Source Code

The first version ("Old School") is still available, but is no longer under active development. You can find the original site for it here, and the source code for it here.

The next version of Coinpunk ("New Wave") is a complete rewrite of the original version to support features and security enhancements not possible with the original design.

The source code for the new Coinpunk is still under development - it's currently in beta, but we're working to finish the project. You can follow our progress on the Github repository.

Help Us Build This

If you find this project useful, I would love your support. The Coinpunk donations tipjar is 1MHbxLgsgFQyvWkW1qiZs1HaXxU4S4LuWH. Yes, it's powered by Coinpunk.


Kyle Drake (@kyledrake)

Illustration by Kyle Wilson.